Mother’s Love

When I was inside my mother’s womb,
My mother accepted the burden with happy tune.
When I came into this world with cries,
My mother greeted me, smiling with delighted joy.
When I was a newly born infant,
My mother’s care secured me lovingly.
When I kicked my mother as a toddler,
My mother lifted me higher than ever.

During my childhood, when I got injured in playful cruises,
My mother was the chief surgeon for all my bruises.
When I got into the dark side of the quarrel,
My mother was diplomat-in-chief for all the hassles.
When I did not understand the lessons to be done,
My mother was the professor to help me enlightened.
When I did not follow the ethics & morals,
My mother was the enforcer to insight me of these focals.

My mother is weaker in powers; yet, Heavenly in essence-natures.

My mother is tiny in stature; yet, mighty in Will-Power.

Thank you, may may (Mother).

By Yaseen Waiyan


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